Ultraman x Ramma-sensei Ultra-eco-Science Shows

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They are Eco and scientific experiments by Ultraman who protects the peace of the entire universe and Ranma-sensei who is an environment counselor certified by the Ministry of the Environment, scientific experiments that all guests can participate in, and shows with an intellectual experience type that they can enjoy action of Ultraman and Alien Baltan, and experiments and environmental issues. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
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Experience Classes

We have carried out scientific experiments that parent and child can experience and also eco-experimental workshops.
Photo Exhibition of the United Nations Environment Program &
Eco-panel of Ramma-sensei
ユネネ This is Photo Exhibition of the United Nations Environment Program photo (UNEP) and eco-panel exhibition of Ramma-sensei. This will be held only in the venue of talks by Ramma-sensei.

Comedy eco-experiments

This is participatory eco-experimental performance that combined with laughter and song with Cool-Poco who is familiar with “Yacchi-matta-na” and Mr. AMEMIYA who has broken with the song “I have started selling cold Chinese noodles”.

Collaboration with the world champion of juggling

jagring The juggling has a meaning of “throw”. A lot of theories has been used in the principle for throwing in juggling. While enjoying technologies of the world champion of juggling, Ramma-sensei will explain the principles of science to children in an understandable way.

Collaboration with weather forecaster

nigaoe01 - コピー In recent years, abnormal weather such as typhoon, heavy rain and unexpectedly strong rain, which might be due to the effects of global warming, has continued. We would like to have you learn with fun through experiments of pressure that is the basis of weather and eco-experiments along with a weather forecaster.

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